Sunday, May 11, 2014

Raising Rabbits

I have been raising English angora rabbits for almost two years now. I began this excursion in order to have a supply of fiber to spin into yarn. The English angora produce approximately, one pound of wool each year. Their fur is a renewable resource in that you can collect wool by shearing them or combing out their loose fur every three or four months throughout their lifetime. Per ounce, angora wool can be the most valuable fiber. The cost can rage from $6 to $8 dollars per ounce.

In the American Rabbit Breeder's Association there are four different breeds of angora accepted. These are the English angora (EA), French angora (FA), satin angora (SA), and Giant angora (GA). Additionally, there are other types of angora rabbits, such as the popular German angora, but these are not considered breeds according to ARBA. Often, this is due to similarities to existing breeds. Knowing the different breeds will allow you to select the type of rabbit who will suit your needs, even if you are not interested in the show table.

Throughout this week I will share with you characteristics of the EA, FA, SA, GA, and German Angora.

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